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NAWD Congratulates New Western Dressage Judges

Western dressage judges are in high demand across the nation for virtual and live shows, and at North American Western Dressage, we believe many professionals in the industry already have the knowledge required to judge Western dressage. Therefore, we start by testing what you already know in a unique non-travel format.

NAWD judges must meet a few simple requirements: be at least 21 years old, hold a current NAWD membership, score 85% or higher on our written exam and pass virtual “test” judging. The written exam tests knowledge of Western dressage, classical riding, biomechanics, equitation, tack and movements; it can be taken as many times as necessary but must be completed within six weeks of program enrollment. Evaluation of virtual tests demonstrates proficiency in evaluation of movements, geometry, elements of the training scale, gaits, and rider aids; scores within benchmark ranges; judge’s remarks comments; and knowledge and assessment of penalties. Judges licensing can be obtained for Western dressage, traditional dressage or NAWD’s unique Six Feet on the Ground, trail and ranch horse programs. To learn more, visit northamericanwesterndressage.org/western-dressage-judge-licensing-program.

To date, 12 judges have obtained their judging licenses from NAWD. Congratulations to our newest recipients:

      Linda Lamarche, East Candia, NH

Western Dressage

      Evelyn Pfoutz, Westminster, MD

Western Dressage

“I chose to pursue a NAWD Western dressage judging license for the simple reason that Western dressage is becoming increasingly more popular. Also, NAWD believes in and supports the main fundamentals of dressage that I do, ones that traditional dressage is forgetting. NAWD seemed to be a good fit.

“The testing was rigorous, but I learned a lot. In addition, I revisited my old Western friends from years ago, and they showed me equipment, tack, explained terms, showed me how to hold the reins and let me practice. This put everything together for me so I knew what I was looking at again. NAWD is a great organization and I am thankful and proud to be a part of it!”

      Anna Schreibl, Smithfield, VA

Western Dressage

“The testing experience was a great one. It definitely tested your all-around horsemanship and training knowledge and wasn’t one where you just “spit out” answers to questions that were fed to you. There are so many good trainers and riders without any ‘letters’ behind their names that can participate and share their knowledge.

“I was really drawn to Western dressage because of the camaraderie I saw in the Western world and the opportunity for riders to advance and display their horsemanship. The varied tests offer something for everyone. Kudos to NAWD for being such a positive, welcoming organization. I’m looking forward to providing any support I can to such a great bunch of folks!”

      Julie Slater, Dighton, KS

Western Dressage, Ranch Horse Western Dressage, NAWD Trail

“Last year an opportunity arose for me to take the judges exam, and I was delighted. What a way to contribute to an association I already had a lot of respect for. The exam was daunting: 130+ questions—half essay, half multiple choice—and then an extensive practical exam. It was by far the hardest—and most fun—test I have ever taken.”

      Linda Sorensen, East Troy, WI

Western Dressage

To view all NAWD licensed judges, and to learn more, visit northamericanwesterndressage.org/nawd-licensed-judges/.


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