Anna Twinney

Holistic Horsemanship - Reiki Energy Healing - Animal Communication

 ROTH's Ultimate Glimpse Into the 
Life, Language & Mind of the Horse:
 Horse Whispering 101
What will you be doing with your Spring this 2020?  Is your calendar free June 1st-6th?  Why not discover what it's like to Capture the Whisper in Horse Whispering 101?
When?  June 1st-6th, 2020
Where?  Reach Out Ranch, Elizabeth, Colorado
Why?  Because the horses want you to know...

Horse Whispering 101 is our new training experience geared towards the beginning or returning horse enthusiast, competitor, hobbyist, or professional.

"From a foundation of communication, training, care, and partnership become a far deeper and more fulfilling experience for both horse and human."
     - Anna Twinney

If the horses are calling to you, but you aren't quite ready to jump into the exclusive ROTH Foundation training, then Horse Whispering 101 is for you!

Let ROTH teach you not only the care and handling needed for a happy and healthy horse but also the most important factor, the language. All of the ROTH methodologies are founded in a comprehensive understanding of the language of Equus.

By working with, and in the language of, Equus, in every aspect of your horsemanship, you give your horse a voice and create a truly personalized partnership - a relationship built on trust, connection and communication... not dominance.

Watch the video below for some triumphs and epiphanies from 2019's HW 101 at Reach Out Ranch.