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Western dressage enthusiasts were recently recognized for top scores in the pursuit of ultimate partnership with their horses as part of North American Western Dressage’s 2016 March Madness Virtual Show. The show took place March 5–13, and more than 100 participants videotaped entries in categories spanning Western and traditional dressage and in-hand tests.

For the first time ever, more riders chose to use NAWD Western Dressage tests rather than USEF Western Dressage tests. Six Feet on the Ground proved extremely popular across all divisions, and it will continue to be offered at all remaining NAWD virtual shows in 2016. Interestingly, a number of Six Feet on the Ground participants are using the program with their equine partners who cannot be ridden for a variety of reasons—the groundwork tests help promote health of body and mind, they say, and gives handlers a sense of achievement.

Here are a few comments from NAWD Virtual Show participants:

“I choose to show virtually because it was the only way until last year to show western dressage and Six Feet on the Ground in my area. Plus, it's a great way to compete on a national level and gauge yourself before a live show where outside stimuli for human and horse influence performance and scores.”

“For a rider to do this as their first test, it is wonderful because of the nature of the comments and the ability to look back at the ride on video with the comments and learn from them. Also, it is much easier in terms of not having to travel/transport horse and equipment.”

“It's easy, cheap and so much fun to get together with the girls and ride.”

“It's fun, it’s easy, and it’s great to be able to compete nationwide. I love being a part of NAWD and all of their programs.”

“My old horse wants a job, but can't physically do much. And I need goals (even if they're small). Being able to play together, at home, on a pattern is the solution I've been looking for. The score just gives me a marker post.”

Winners through sixth place in each division receive custom artisan ribbons featuring artwork by Michelle Guillot. Upcoming NAWD virtual shows are:

· April 8–10 (Focus: Ranch Horse Western Dressage)

· May 7–15 (Focus: Western Dressage Trail)

· June 10–12 (Focus: Ranch Horse Western Dressage)

· July 2–10 (Focus: Midsummer Celebration)

· August 12–14 (Focus: Ranch Horse Western Dressage)

· September 3–11 (Focus: Harvest Classic)

· October 1–9 (Focus: Fall Festival)

· October 14–16 (Focus: Ranch Horse Western Dressage Championship & Jackpot)

Want to learn more about how Western dressage and other NAWD program tests are evaluated? Join us for NAWD Voices, an educational teleconference that brings you the answers straight from the judge’s mouth. The next NAWD Voices takes place April 3, when NAWD certified judge Coeli Netsky analyzes Western Dressage Intro Test 1—sign up for the call at northamericanwesterndressage.org/event/nawd-voices-judges-conference-call-series-2016-6/.

Congratulations to our 2016 March Madness Virtual Show winners:

Versatility—Participants submitted three tests, including at least one Six Feet on the Ground test

1. Amanda Lane, Zion & Miss Lolita

2. Ashley Wallace & CLR Shesa Bonita

3. Jessica Hein & Ozzerati

4. Julie Slater & Cheyenne

5. Adriana DiGenakis, Tidy Up Cowgirl & Impressive Humdinger


NAWD Six Feet on the Ground


1. Amanda Lande & Miss Lolita

2. Michaela Lane & Footloose

3. Laura Marquez & That’s My Boy Bailey

4. Amanda Lane & Zion

5. Julie Slater & Cheyenne

Amateur Class A (Test 1)

1. Ashley Wallace & CLR Shesa Bonita

2. Kim Greguska & PQF Tailwind At Last

3. Lindsay Burhmann & Pere Noel

4. Stacey Gorman & Paint A Masquerade

5. Elida Deluca & Farkle

6. Julia Lamberton & Seabreeze

Amateur Class B (Tests 2–4)

1. Jessica Hein & Ozzerati

2. Ashley Wallace & CLR Shesa Bonita

3. Adriana Digenakis & Impressive Humdinger

4. Lindsey Mae Does & Texas Thunder Bird

5. Adriana Digenakis & Tidy Up Cowgirl

6. Andrea Caudill & Henry


1. Amber Hofaier & Sky’s The Limit

2. Sara Hofmaier & Sky’s The Limit

3. Emily Bessler & Saphira

4. Brooke Kiefer & Aurora

5. Kaitlin Fait & Saphira

6. Noelle Herrmann & Liberty

NAWD In-Hand Trail


1. Laura Marquez & That’s My Boy Bailey


1. Jessica Hein & Ozzerati

2. Stacey Gorman & Paint A Masquerade

NAWD Pre-Intro Leadline—participation medals courtesy Dabney Mills Equestrian Center

- Graciella Valdes & Crystal

- Samantha Bailey & Siboney Jet Takoda

- Ella Herbert & Queen Of Hearts

NAWD Western Dressage Intro Level


1. Barbara Moran & Pretty Please

2. Phyllis Rae & Starr


1. Elisabeth Ward & St. Raphael

2. Elisabeth Ward & St. Raphael

3. Kimberly Lightfoot & Jade Green Hancock

4. Lindsey Mae Doese & Bailey My Bailey

5. Jessica Hein & Ozzerati

6. Karianne Bittle & Maverick


1. Maggie Herbert & Queen Of Hearts

2. Elaine Herbert & Ima Classy Captive

3. Maggie Herbert & Queen Of Hearts

4. Grace Swift & Cooper

5. Marisa Gomez

NAWD Basic Level


1. Julie Slater & Cheyenne

2. Julie Slater & Cheyenne

3. Julie Lamberton & Seabreeze

4. Julie Lamberton & Seabreeze

5. Annie Trice & Ringo

6. Annie Trice & Ringo


1. Alison Stuck & My Flashy Investment


1. Erin Freeman & Bo

2. Erin Freeman & Bo

NAWD Level 1


1. Ashley Wallace & CLR Shesa Bonita

USEF Western Dressage Intro Level


1. Amanda Lane & Zion


1. Adriana Digenakis & Tidy Up Cowgirl

2. Mary Hartmeier & Bingse

3. Stacey Gorman & Paint A Masquerade

4. Melony Maines & Lil Cool Gun


1. Rachel Hau & Footloose

2. Sara Hofmaier & Sky’s The Limit

3. Brooke Kiefer & Aurora

4. Jessica Gorman & Artifacts Gallant Ghost

USEF Western Dressage Basic Level


1. Amanda Lane & Miss Lolita


1. Renata Ficek & Ruby Slippers

2. Renata Ficek & Ruby Slippers

3. Melony Maines & Lil Cool Gun

USEF Western Dressage Level 1


1. Susan Williams & Mist N Breeze

2. Susan Williams & Mist N Breeze

Traditional Dressage Intro Level


1. Skylar Schmidt & Dove

2. Alannah Castro & Skip

3. Rima Rath & Max


1. Noell Herrmann & Liberty

2. Rachel Hau & Tex Tornado

3. Emily Bessler & Saphira

4. Katlin Fait & Saphira

5. Amber Hofamair & Sky’s The Limit

6. Nadea Oestreich & Let’s Hear It For The Boy

Traditional Dressage Training Level


1. Michaela Lane & Footloose


About North American Western Dressage

North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating horse enthusiasts about the universal benefits of Western dressage and providing fun, affordable ways to participate in this popular new sport. NAWD offers a variety of programs—Six Feet on the Ground groundwork tests, traditional Western Dressage, Western Dressage Trail and Ranch Horse Western Dressage, and Pre-Intro Western Dressage for even the youngest exhibitors—as well as virtual coaching and showing opportunities, achievement awards and more. Learn more about NAWD at nawdhorse.org and at facebook.com/WesternDressageNAWD.