Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire Introduces Affordable Ways to Sell Horses and Promote Stables, Stallions, and Services in Ohio this April

LONDON, OH - December 30, 2015 – Do you have one or more horses that you want to sell—or a stallion, training/boarding facility, or other equine service you want to promote? What could be a better venue at which to sell a horse than a centrally-located and well-established equine facility like the Ohio Expo Center and a first-class equestrian event like Equine Affaire?

Yes, you can sell your horse online, at your barn, or through an auction, but finding the right buyer at Equine Affaire just might be quicker, easier, and more profitable. Tens of thousands of avid horse people representing all corners of the equestrian world will travel to Columbus, OH, on April 7-10 to attend the 53rd Equine Affaire, and many of these attendees will be in the market for a new horse. To bring horse sellers together with horse buyers, Equine Affaire has introduced a new element to the event’s popular Horse & Farm Exhibits area: “For Sale” stalls.

Located in the Ohio Expo Center’s newly-renovated Gilligan Complex, the Horse & Farm Exhibits is an area dedicated to the promotion of horse farms, training facilities, lesson facilities, breeding stallions, and now horses for sale. The Horse & Farm Exhibits will be featured in the permanent stalls in the east bank of the north half of the Gilligan Complex—the stalls that receive the best traffic flow because of their proximity to the clinic venues, trade show, and other important features of Equine Affaire. Exhibitors and horses for sale will be organized in the barn by breed/type of horse, and a map of the Gilligan Complex and Horse & Farm Exhibits will be included in the event program that is distributed for free to adult attendees as they enter the show.

Renting a “For Sale” stall. Selling your horse directly to buyers at Equine Affaire just makes sense. You can rent a 10 x 10 inline “For Sale” stall for just $125 for the duration of the show. With each stall rental you’ll receive a “For Sale” sign to post on the stall and a free listing pre-event on equineaffaire.com that will include the horse’s breed, age, gender, name, discipline, level of training, price, photo, and stall location. “For Sale” stalls may be used only for horses that are for sale—not horses brought to the event for other purposes. Though Equine Affaire is a four-day event, you only need to


commit to featuring your horse in a “For Sale” stall for at least two days and specify your date of arrival. And, if you sell your horse at the show, you may substitute another horse you have for sale in the vacated stall—or leave the show at your discretion.

Horse owners who rent “For Sale” stalls will also have the opportunity to give interested customers (age 18 and over) the opportunity to test ride their horses in the Ohio Expo Center’s Denny Hales Pavilion as long as they have each customer complete and sign a release form and they submit the form to the Barn Office. They may also rent a tack stall next to their “For Sale” stall(s) for an additional $75 in order to store their bedding, tack, feed, and other equipment while at the show.

Marketing Your Stallion, Stable, or other Equine-related Services. And what if you want to market your farm, stable, stallion, or boarding, training, and breeding facility at Equine Affaire? The Horse & Farm Exhibits area is where horse owners, stable/farm owners, and horse service providers connect in person with customers who are interested in all breeds of horses and a variety of equestrian disciplines. Participating in Equine Affaire’s Horse & Farm Exhibits is very affordable . . . and the benefits can be huge. The fee for each 10 x 10 inline exhibit stall is $200, and an end/corner stall is $50 additional. The rental of each exhibit stall includes one four-day pass to Equine Affaire (a $50 value), and each Horse & Farm exhibitor receives a one-line listing of stall number, farm name, breed of horse, and phone number or web site address in the free event program (if exhibitor application and stall payment are received by the print deadline of February 29th).

Exhibitors in the Horse & Farms Exhibits decorate their exhibit stalls and are prepared to greet, impress, inform, and secure customers. They are encouraged to exhibit during all four days of Equine Affaire, but must commit to exhibiting for at least three days in order to participate. They also get a special rate on the rental of “For Sale” stalls. Any Horse & Farm exhibitor who rents at least two regular exhibit stalls may rent additional “For Sale” stalls next to their exhibit stalls for only $75 each and receive the signage and pre-event listing on equineaffaire.com described above.

Horse & Farm exhibitors also have the option to gain additional marketing exposure by getting involved with their breed’s organized activities at Equine Affaire. The Horse & Farm Exhibits area complements the Breed Pavilion featured in the Voinovich Center, and Horse & Farm exhibitors are encouraged to support their breed’s presence at Equine Affaire by assisting with their breed association’s exhibit booth in the Breed Pavilion. This participation can lead to additional opportunities to have Horse & Farm horses showcased in an association’s exhibit stall in the Breed Pavilion and featured in the breed demonstration organized and presented by the association. Participation in the breed association’s exhibit stall and breed demo is arranged by the designated Breed Coordinator for each breed. Contact Equine Affaire for further information regarding who is coordinating your breed’s presence at the event.

With the addition of the new “For Sale” stalls, Equine Affaire’s Horse & Farm Exhibits area is destined to be the region’s foremost marketplace for buying and selling horses


and marketing equine facilities and stallions. For additional information on Equine Affaire’s “For Sale” stalls, Horse & Farm Exhibits, and Breed Pavilion, contact Karin Brennan by phone at (740) 845-0085 ext 112 or by email at kbrennan@equineaffaire.com. For complete information on Equine Affaire and application forms for “For Sale” stalls and the Horse & Farm Exhibits area, visit equineaffaire.com, click on the Ohio event, and follow the “Exhibit” link to reach the Breed Pavilion, Horse & Farm Exhibits, and Sell Horses pages.