Jenifer Nadeau


Hello, On Sat, March 25 join Bob Burrelli for a fun and interesting clinic! Renowned clinician Bob Burrelli has over 40 years experience in Natural Horsemanship. Bob is a licensed instructor, C.H.A. certified and the President of Bob Burrelli Academy of Natural Horsemanship at the Double B Ranch in Plymouth, MA. More info can be found on the symposium here: https://animalscience.cahnr.uconn.edu/horsesymposium/ 

 9-10 AM Session 1: Groudwork for the Horse and Human (limited to 10 handlers) Sign up coming soon! - Bob is a firm believer in proper ground work to make the horse supple in every direction. We concentrate on six body parts to move individually of the others, to maintain proper balance. When this is done from the ground first, it makes sense to the horse when mounted.  

10-11 AM Session 2: Horsemanship 1 (limited to 8 riders) Sign up coming soon! - Equitation (Classic Dressage Principles) is designed to help people further understand how to get along with a thinking, feeling, decision-making animal. This is done through love, language and leadership. They are designed to help people increase their awareness level of what they see and feel and to improve their timing so as to better communicate with a horse. This is called feel, timing and balance.  

11 AM -12 PM Session 3: Advanced Horsemanship 2 (limited to 6 riders) Sign up coming soon! -  This class is for advanced riders to understand how to execute proper feel and to do all the correct movements of shoulders in, haunches in, side pass, half pass, full pass, how to execute proper lead changes and more. 

Sign up for a session(s) at: https://secure.touchnet.com/C21646_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=905  

You must sign a release form as well: https://uconn.kualibuild.com/app/builder/app/63ab4dee3c8de5becd23d033/start  

Just want to be an auditor/spectator? Register here https://secure.touchnet.com/C21646_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=906  

This clinic will be followed by a demonstrations by the UConn Dressage Team and Alena Meacham as welll as possibly a polo match. 

If you are bringing your own horse, the Equine Health Form for Visiting and Donated Horses must be completed and brought with you that day including negative Coggins, a veterinary certificate if out of state, rabies within 1 yr – 28 days prior, Eastern/Western/West Nile Virus/Tetanus/Flu/Rhino within 1 year and a 3 day temperature log. You will not be allowed to unload your horse until we receive this paperwork. ASTM/SEI approved helmets required for all participants as per UConn Horse Barn rules. Find the form here: https://animalscience.cahnr.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/3396/2022/12/A22-023-26-Equine-Health-Form-for-visiting-2022.pdf 

Interested in being a vendor (Vendor fair 8:30-1:30 PM)? Register here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C21646_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=907 

Would you like to sponsor the event and get free advertising throughout? Register here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C21646_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=909 

If there are any questions, please call Jenifer Nadeau at (860) 486-4471 or email jenifer.nadeau@uconn.edu. Registration must be received by 3/20/23.