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What's your Cavallo Community up to?


Megan and Hughie Just Can't Lose!




Megan Postletheweight recently exceeded our wildest expectations at the 2020 AMHA World Championship Show...and she didn't stop there!

At the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) World Championships, Megan won first place prizes in shankless showmanship and in the youth reinsmanship. Among several other top 10 placings, she went on to win the youth halter obstacle out of a class of 44!

Megan was three times National Champion and won high point youth in the miniature horse under 34-inch division at the American Miniature Horse Registry national show!

Megan and her minis, Hughie and Divinity, are now focused on mini shows in their area to prepare for Pinto Worlds coming up in November!

We were able to help a few people at Nationals with sizing and had lots of comments on how cute the new colors are.



The Best Human/Canine/Feline/Equine Hacking Team EVER!


Emma Massingale Cavallo


From Emma Massingale: "Louis, the cat, has been getting in the lorry every time, wanting to come on an adventure! So I decided to make the most of the last bit of dry weather and head up on to a very misty Dartmoor! I am riding Comet and have Charlie the Donkey, Nancy the Dalmatian and darling Albert with me to. Hope you enjoy!

- We wish you all a great weekend! Emx


What YOU'RE Saying


With us for the Long Haul:

We love that Anne Hahn gave Cavallos a try, over 15 years ago, despite never having even heard of hoof boots before! It's people like her, who are not afraid of trying new things, that have helped horses so much over the years by taking the step of becoming barefoot & booted. Word of mouth travels fast - and when others see this success, they also feel willing to try. The result? Happier, comfier and healthier horses EVERYWHERE! :) Here's Anne's story!

"Somewhere between 15-20 yrs ago, my horse, Annie, threw a shoe on a camping trip. She was a speed demon who looked like she was bustin’ out of the gate every time she was urged to run! I tried everything from clips to rim shoes, and she'd throw them. So I stopped at my nearest tack store to buy something to pull her other shoe off. Then, I saw the Cavallo Boots on the shelf. I talked to the owner for a while, and he had just gotten them in. The store owner helped me pull her other shoe and rasp her hoof to the correct shape. We rode the whole weekend in those boots, and she enjoyed them. We went back and bought the next size down for her rears!





We crossed rivers, climbed hills, slid down banks and raced down dirt roads for the whole weekend! I stopped after our first river crossing to see if her hooves were soaking wet. They weren’t! The boots had excellent drainage. They even saved her frog when she stepped on broken glass!

I still have those same boots! I am very frugal, so I was at first a little concerned that two boots cost as much as a set of four iron shoes plus a trim. But it was the best investment ever! I also bought more pairs for my other horses through the years.

The original pair is worn a little at the toe, but Annie loves them. Those are her boots, and she knows the difference. I gradually pulled all my other horses' shoes and ride some barefoot with a pair of boots in the saddlebags (in case we encounter rough terrain). I always recommend Cavallo Boots. My horses are happier! Thank you!"

- Anne Hahn


"Thankfully, I was WRONG!"



"These boots gave me my horse back! Amazing! My horse has very tender feet. I had x-rays done, and they showed that he has very thin sole. I've had him shod and barefoot, and yet he never really seemed to be comfortable. He would always act out and rear every time I rode him. I thought it was a training issue, so I always address the reaction at the time he does it. I never thought about his feet!


He was getting multiple abscesses in his front feet and was sore after I had him shod, I pulled his shoes again to see if it made him better. Not at all. As a last resort, I bought the Cavallo Simple Boots. I never thought they would make a difference, but thankfully, I was WRONG!! I have a new horse! I went on a weekend trail ride, and he was the best horse there! The boots made him so comfortable that he was doing everything I had ever asked of him! (All that extra training helped!) He was going along like he had never been sore! Through sucking mud, over rocks, through gravel, through creeks, cantering, trotting, walking, just everything! Never once did the boots come off. They were really muddy but his feet were clean and looked great at the end of the ride! HIGHLY recommend these boots. They really did give me a new horse. Never will ride without them again!"

- Yvonne Morris



Wishing you many happy Autumn trails,