Introducing Purina® IMPACT® Horse Feed, a Truly Premium Feed at a Not-So-Premium Price

Introducing Purina® IMPACT® Horse Feed, a Truly Premium Feed at a Not-So-Premium Price




Product line formulated by Purina Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists


 and based on 85 years of research

Purina Animal Nutrition today introduced IMPACT® horse feed, a line of premium horse feeds designed to meet the nutritional requirements of horses of all types and lifestyles. The product line offers textured, pelleted and complete feeds for horses in nearly any life stage and activity level.


Since 1926, the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Mo., has defined and delivered the future of equine nutrition. Significant investment in this unique farm was recently completed to further expand its capabilities and facilities dedicated to industry leading research innovation. With more than 70 horses involved in research projects, the primary focus of the equine facilities is in feed intake and digestive physiology, breeding and foal growth, and development and exercise physiology. Purina can formulate, develop, and test the performance of feeds like IMPACT® horse feeds before they reach the market.


“Horse owners want to trust that the feed they buy will meet their expectations, which is why they often turn to Purina,” said Steve Probst, owner of Northwest Feed & Grain Co. in Nebraska, and a trusted Purina dealer for more than 30 years. “We know that a product like IMPACT® horse feed is backed by extensive research and a commitment to quality, so when it appears on the shelves it’s a real attention grabber.”


 IMPACT® horse feeds offer several benefits:




·       High-quality protein for muscle maintenance


·       Added fat for sustainable energy and healthy hair coat


·       Nutritional balance, removing the need for supplements


·       Formulated with ingredients proven through time and research to support overall horse health




“Purina is dedicated to creating unsurpassed nutrition for every type of horse, and IMPACT® horse feeds are a reflection of that dedication,” said Katie Young, Ph.D., manager equine nutritional services, Purina Animal Nutrition. “Our feeds are made with the finest ingredients and backed by research, so owners can trust that they’re feeding their horses high-quality nutrition.”




Horse owners can find out more about IMPACT® horse feed at a local Horse Owners Workshop (HOW®). For additional information about IMPACT® horse feed or to find a HOW® event near you visit or speak with your local Purina® dealer.

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